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Sports-and-Recreation Well, here we are at the end of another great season. The NBA Finals is almost over. Its outcome is still to be determined and theres nothing much left to do about it but watch and wait to see who will become this years champions. Almost nothing left to do, and that just doesnt seem right. You see, there are big basketball fans out there. They collect trading cards. They like playing basketball computer games. They also play fantasy basketball online during the regular season. They may be not that good a player, but they can get the ball in the hoop once in a while. They are good enough for the neighborhood tourneys. Now, the long wait until late October starts. Thats when theyll get their basketball fix again. Thats when the NBA 2006-2007 season starts. Thats also when the fantasy basketball leagues start. Why cant basketball be an all year long activity? Some of you may feel like November is a long way to go. Reruns are great but it really isnt the same as watching fresh plays. The great news is basketball isnt as seasonal as you think. If you search for information on the Internet about the NBA Finals you will find the usual news websites. There are also some tips and tricks sites that would help you improve your game. There are quite a number that give good training advice. You can get a look at this years incoming rookies. You will probably find the same stuff everyone usually does when they surf the net. Then *click* Well look at what we have here You may stumble upon what could be a treasure trove of information one would never find on the official websites. Its a community message board for die-hard basketball enthusiasts called WebNBA. Its relatively new, but there are quite a number of people frequenting it already. A lot of differing points of view which makes for quite an interesting and lively discussion. You will rarely come across a message board that caters to everything, and we mean everything, about basketball. The world has just become bigger. WebNBA has sections for the NBA, college basketball, womens basketball, European basketball leagues, International basketball leagues, and, for people who are so-so players like your average Joe, Street Basketball. They also have the lounge section, where you may just find other trading card collectors. If youre having a tough time getting to the next level on your game youll want to hang out here. This is also where you can share cheat codeswe mean, tips with other players for computer games. Maybe, when the NBA season starts, you may even want to start a fantasy basketball league of your own with the same people you discuss basketball stuff with on this site. So, what are you waiting for? Hit the boards at WebNBA now. Let the game last longer than the season and have some fun with other NBA fans online. It is time to get into the game! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: