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Ecommerce One of the characteristics of cheap web hosting plans is that setup fees, monthly fees or any other extra charges are almost negligible. In cheap hosting packages no doubt, prices are very cheap but you have to live with limited resources like CPU time and other server related resources. You also have to bear in mind that you are sharing servers with other customers so you are at the mercy of the performance of their sites as well. The most common problem regarding cheap web hosting is that there’s no direct relationship between data transfer usage and server resources (CPU and memory) usage. A wrongly written script, or simply a script that makes lots of operations, intensively works with (large) databases, can bog down a server even though it produces a relatively small result (page) and thus the data transfer used is quite reduced. The web hosting company must have earned a good reputation from years of operations among its user base to be considered reliable. Cheap web hosting companies and services must score well on the following criteria such as reliability, package value, customer service, control panel, user-friendliness and server uptime. Honest and cheap web hosting service providers must give you sufficient space to store the data or files that structure your website as this industry is very competitive and on average the cost of the website should not be more than 0.10$ per megabyte. Secondly, a good low cost web hosting provider will also offer a relatively high bandwidth so that you website can be fairly busy before you hit any limits. The best cheap web hosting companies provides 24 hours technical support. More advanced web site developers an make use any specialized software like a content management system, web log, customer support, discussion board or a shopping cart system in order to get the most out of the hosting package features. Most of the web hosting companies are offering user friendly website designs and editing tools like FrontPage, Dreamweaver or Coffee Cup support. A quality cheap web hosting provider will support all the big programming languages and offer you a liberal programming environment so that you can develop your business using state of the art tools. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: