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So Much To See In Monteverde And Santa Elena Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro If you are searching for the best places to explore in Central America, one of the best countries that you may want to visit is Costa Rica. There are a lot of things to do and many places to visit in this country. You can have an adventure type of vacation and explore scenery that you can enjoy there. Probably you can visit the small town of Monteverde and Santa Elena for a good start. Private Parks and Wildlife Refuges Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve This 26,000-acre private reserve is the most popular park in the area today. It was founded by Quaker settlers in the early 1950’s. Only 160 people are allowed inside the reserve at a time. Since it’s a cloud forest it is a prime location to spot wildlife including the resplendent quetzal. Santa Elena Reserve Santa Elena Reserve deserves more attention than it receives. Its quiet acres are home to 10% more wildlife species than its more famous cloudy neighbor. All earnings from ticket sales go towards funding local high schools.traveling in Central America Monteverde Costa Rica costa rica travel traveling in Central America Exploring Drake Bay – What To See Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro If you are currently looking for ways on how to enjoy a great vacation, you can try exploring Drake Bay and find various activities to keep you busy as well as tons of scenery that you’ve got to see. There are live crocodiles and the scarlet macaws in Carara National Park as well as miles of beautiful coastlines such as Tortuga Island and all of its marine life. Beaches Jaco Beach This popular spot is great for both novice and connoisseur surfers. Its year-round beach breaks and accessibility to other nearby surf spots makes it a great home base. With some serious riptides, lifeguards man the towers during high season, even so, take caution when swimming. Playa Hermosa Beautiful beach is the exact definition of Playa Hermosa, and it holds true. With wide grey sanded beaches and white surf, Playa Hermosa is not only known for its tranquility but also for being the biggest beach break (after Dominical) on the country’s Pacific Coast. The ten kilometer beach is part of Playa Hermosa Wildlife Refuge. Experienced surfers from all around the globe gravitate to this place, still preserved from overdevelopment, to experience the incredible surf and see international surf contests.traveling in Central America Drake Bay traveling in Central America Discover Zoos And Rescue Centers In Costa Rica Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro Costa Rica is overflowing with rare, endangered and exquisite wildlife. However the truth is that poaching, hunting and illegal animal trade do exist here. The Costa Rican government is doing what it can possibly do to strip down and capture the wrongdoers, but in the mess creatures get wounded, orphaned, seized, deserted and suffer from habitat loss. Fortunately, Costa Rica is also overflowing with wildlife rescue centers. The majority are privately operated with incredible volunteer programs and extremely efficient conservation efforts. All of them are open to educate the general public. San Jose and the Central Valley Region Simon Bolivar Zoo This is the national zoo, with tiny cages filled with native animals and a few international species. Where is It: Avenida 11, Calles 7 and 9 Panaca This is a full day’s visit! You don’t want to miss the interactive, educational five shows where visitors come into sensory contact with the largest collection of animals from the domestic zoology (over 3500 animals from more than 3000 races) and with agriculture, nature, and all resources the park provides, as well as the agro-industrial productive processes.traveling in Central America Traveling to Costa Rica costa rica travel traveling in Central America What To Do In Suchitoto With Kids Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro Suchitoto is a teeny tiny colonial town in central El Salvador. It’s actually a full on cowboy town and the cowboy culture is the most predominant factor of the people here. Things To Do in Suchitoto As we went for a little walk around the central park, we got lucky enough to see a horse show with a bunch of cowboys in full cowboy gear getting drunk atop their steed. I too fell into the swing of things, got me a cowboy hat, and had a blast showing my boys the different horses and their odd saddles. If there was no horse parade, that walk would probably have been 15 minutes, the show added on another 15. We ended the self-made tour with a yummy pupasa, El Salvador’s staple food. The other thing to do here is to tour Lake Suchitlan. When asked where the lake is, someone cunning said it’s only a 15 minute walk. This sounded appealing to my husband and me, but with a 6 year old lazybones, we decided to drive. Thank god! I don’t know how fast this guy runs, but it’s about 15 minute DRIVE – up hill!traveling in Central America Suchitoto El Salvador traveling in Central America Guatemala Travel – Hiking Through The Jungle Looking For Ancient Mayan Temples Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro If you are searching for places to travel to in Central America and experience an adventure trip, you may want to consider traveling to Guatemala. There are a lot of things to do in this country and a lot of adventurous places to go to. Get to see the wonderful sights and experience what it is like to travel across great vacation spots in Guatemala. Here is one excellent venue to start with. One of the most appreciated sights that you may want to visit is Tikal. Tikal is one of the largest Mayan archaeological sites ever found and Guatemala’s first and most popular natural park and reserve. It is filled with wildlife and hidden Mayan temples. In it you can see magnificent structures that have been uncovered, but half of them are still under the jungle. It is a great place to visit for travelers, especially for nature lovers. Tikal trails are over ten kilometers snaking through all the hard to find spots where the Maya once actively lived, hunted and performed rituals. Tikal National Park is much more than just a Mayan Ceremonial ground.traveling in Central America Tikal in Guatemala guatemala travel traveling in Central America Bird And Wildlife Watching In Guatemala Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro Birdwatchers as well as nature enthusiasts have discovered their recreation space in Guatemala. Fifteen percent of Guatemala’s land is allocated for national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, national monuments, in addition to biosphere. Not to mention, with more than nineteen distinct ecosystems: mangrove swamps, beaches, desert thorn forests, wetlands, humid lowland jungles, flood plains, cloud forests, savannahs as well as awesome highland pine/oak woodlands – only to name some – you will also be able to explore wonderful plant life and animals. Guatemala is quickly becoming a hot birdwatcher’s paradise with over 750 species of birds to see. This is the place where birds from North America and South America come to interact and have a ball. Plus, if you know where to go you’ll have plenty of close encounters with over 250 species of mammals, 200 species of reptiles and amphibians, and over 50 species of butterflies. Lake Atitlan The vicinity of Lake Atitlan has forests ranging in altitude from 750 to 2,500 meters (2,500 to 8,200 feet) that include broadleaf and cloud forests.traveling in Central America birdwatching in guatemala traveling in Central America 7 Best National Parks In Central America Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro Central America is an area filled with natural beauty. Its people have been preserving their nature by creating protected areas and national parks. There are tons of great parks in each country so it can be hard to decide which ones to visit as you travel through this part of the world. To make it all easier here is a list with the ones you absolutely can’t miss: 1. Corcovado National Park – Costa Rica This is the ‘most biologically intense place in the world’ and is home to 4% of the world’s total fauna species. Some common wildlife sightings are monkeys, exotic birds, iguanas and tapirs. This national park is located in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. It consists of beautiful white sanded beaches and pristine rain forests. The entrance fee is $10. The hours are from Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. to noon, and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. 2. Manuel Antonio National Park – Costa Rica This Costa Rican national park is located on the Pacific coast and offers the perfect combination of rain forest, beaches and reefs. Here you get to see white faced monkeys, coatis, whales, bats and dolphins.traveling in central america national parks in central america traveling in central america Guatemala Travel – Searching For The So-called Drunken Maya God Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro If you ought to visit Guatemala, you probably are one of those who are interested to discover more about Mayan history. There are so many places to visit in this country that will give you a glimpse of discovery of the past like for instance one of the most wonderful lakes in Guatemala, Lake Atitlan. This lake is home to Mayans of this country as well as religious followers and expats. As you arrive in this part of Guatemala, you will then be bewildered by the wonderful scenery of the volcanic crater which is being surrounded by three volcanoes. In just seconds you are then hounded by boat captains, small Maya kids and dogs. What you need to do if you prefer to stay in this place is to hop on a boat and visit the small indigenous villages that surround the lake. Now, the most popular stop is Santiago, this is also the largest town with the highest Mayan population. This little lakeside town is where you can find the oldest Catholic church in Guatemala and the infamous and notorious yet worshiped Moximon, their Mayan God!traveling in Central America great things to do in guatemala guatemala travel guatemala vacation traveling in Central America Hiking, Adventure And Other Things To Do In Costa Rica Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro Are you an adventure traveler, sun worshiper, explorer, or an all-in-one? Well, no matter your tastes and interests, Costa Rica’s got you covered! With hundreds of miles of coastline beach goers can dip their toes in all types of water activities or become class A beach bums and just take pure pleasure in complete tranquility and relaxation. Explore Costa Rica’s best by zipping into the numerous rainforests, dry tropical forests, volcanoes, and other parks. Hire professional nature guides and get the low down, go flying through the air on a canopy tour, or hike the well-done trails that take you on suspension bridges and atop active volcanoes. You can actually have that exciting adventure you’ve ever wanted to experience. And don’t miss your chance to see the local culture in action during one of the country’s lively festivals and carnivals for the true Costa Rican experience.traveling in Central America activities to do in costa rica costa rica travel things to do in costa rica traveling in Central America Discover More About The Parks And Protected Areas Of Guatemala Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro Guatemala holds ninety two safeguarded areas comprising over 28% of the country’s national territory. Many of these safeguarded areas were created in the year 1990. All volcanoes are protected areas, including national parks, biosphere reserves, wildlife refuges, private nature reserves, natural monuments, and biotopes. CONAP (The National Protected Areas Council), created in 1990, and is fully in charge of administering all of Guatemala’s protected areas along with CONAMA (National Environmental Commission). Unfortunately, with so many issues at hand, the Guatemalan government doesn’t put enough emphasis on preserving and protecting these areas the way they should. CONAP is extremely underfunded and understaffed. Logging, sewage run off and trash disposal are still a huge problem. In addition to these issues is the Peten deforestation which is also an issue for other parks. Currently, most of the protection originates from private organizations and since 2005 the government of Guatemala is taking the initiative by training a particular police force designated for these safeguarded areas, mainly the Maya Biosphere Reserve where most of the wildlife poaching and logging continue to exist.traveling in Central America National Parks of Central America central america traveling in Central America Guatemala Travel – Discover Beautiful Diving Spots And Caves Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro If you are searching for that excellent adventure that you can possibly take delight in, you should pay a visit to Guatemala and also have it listed to those amazing adventure countries that you intend to visit. There you’ll be able to enjoy different activities and wonderful scenery which can be seen in caves and diving spots. This won’t just energize you but let you experience what it is to be this close to nature. Exploring The Diving Spots In Guatemala, unlike the rest of Central America, diving is a completely unique experience. Imagine diving in a high altitude (1560m), fresh water volcanic crater lake. Since it is a collapsed volcanic cone, there are many bizarre geological formations and places where hot water goes directly into the lake. What you’ll see: – Volcanic rock formations – A fault line where you’ll plunge your hands into hot volcanic mud – A vertical swim-through – Sunken trees – An abundance of fish, crabs and plant life The Iguana Perdida, located on the shores of Lake Atitlan, provides experienced and certified PADI instructors for all your fun dives which are guided by a dive master.traveling in Central America what to do in Guatemala guatemala travel traveling in Central America Where To Stay In Costa Rica: 6 Hotels For A Great Vacation Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro This is a selection of six of my favorite hotels in Costa Rica and a small description of them, Enjoy! Korrigan Lodge in Puerto Viejo This is a great option for peace and nature lovers in Costa Rica’s Caribbean region. Korrigan Lodge consists of a number of bungalows nicely placed in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle and a few steps away from the beach. Then get ready for the Breakfast, because it’s not only filling but also very tasty. Turtle Beach Lodge, Tortuguero Turtle Beach Lodge is the best option if you are planning on visiting the beautiful Tortuguero Village or Tortuguero National Park on your Costa Rican Vacation. The service is outstanding. They are so helpful and nice but at the same time they don’t intrude with you and your relaxation at all. The food is very tasty unlike many other hotels’ food. We got the opportunity to see many exotic animals running around freely in the surroundings so I guess it would also be great for nature lovers. Villas Tranquilas, Manuel Antonio Villas Tranquilas is located in Manuel Antonio’s rain forest, Costa Rica, just a few minutes from Manuel Antonio National Park and beach.Costa Rica Vacation costa rica hotels costa rica travel hotels in costa rica Costa Rica Vacation 5 Good Reasons To Love Active Volcanoes In Costa Rica Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro Have you ever spent your vacation in Central America? There are so many countries for you to consider visiting there and surely everyone has his or her own favorite when it comes to the places to visit. I love Costa Rica for many reasons. It is a beautiful country with great people and 110 volcanoes. That’s right 110! But don’t worry only 5 of them are active and not at crazy levels. So come and take a peek inside of them. This is why the active volcanoes of Costa Rica are so popular: Poas Volcano This is the most popular volcano in all of Costa Rica because of the beautiful bubbling lake of its crater. It is a great day trip for those staying in the San Jose area because it’s really close. You can take a tour that will take you right up to the tip to see the crater. But make sure to get there early in the morning before clouds block the view completely. Arenal Volcano Poas might be the most popular one but my favorite and second in the popularity is the Arenal Volcano.Costa Rica Volcanoes volcanoes in costa rica costa rica vacations costa rica travel Costa Rica Volcanoes Two Great Beach Towns In Costa Rica Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro Costa is one of the best places that you can travel to as you try to enjoy your vacation. Since I live in Costa Rica, I tried visiting tons of places and these are my favorite beach towns: Puerto Jimenez This place has it all for nature lovers, I loved it. It is filled with serene beaches, amazing wildlife, mangrove swamps and verdant rainforests. If you are looking for adventures this is also the perfect place to visit. There is sport fishing, tours to Corcovado, day trips around Golfo Dulce, dolphin and whale watching, snorkeling and boat trips. Things which you have to see: *Miles and miles of beautiful coastline *Corcovado National Park Things you have to do: *Hike Corcovado National Park *Spend a day bird and wildlife watching *Kayak in the estuaries of Rio Platanares *Take a one-day or multi-day sport fishing charter boat *Join a dolphin and whale watching tour *Snorkel and dive Fun Fact Puerto Jimenez used to be a gold mining community. But tourism has been taking over for the last few decades. Where is this place? On the Osa Peninsula 45 kms from Carate and 322 km southwest of San Jose.costa rica beaches costa rica beach vacation costa rica beach resorts costa rica travel costa rica beaches Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge – World’s 3rd Larges Wet Land In La Fortuna, Costa Rica Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro You can find a lot of places that is worth to spend your vacation as you travel across Central America. If you are looking for some beautiful scenery and a great adventure experience, you can visit a place that is close to the famous Arenal Volcano. There is so much more to do in the Arenal Volcano/La Fortuna area that a few days aren’t enough. After you’ve done the majority of the adventure activities, a place not to be missed is the Cano Negro National Wildlife Refuge. From December to February you can see hundreds of migratory birds who stop here to feed. They take a stopover in this area in search of lagoons where they can eat the plants and the small fish. Sunset Tours, Desafio and Canoa Aventura tour operators offer an amazing tour by boat in this region. Whichever you choose book your tickets early. Also stay in a hotel with a centric location this will make it easier for the tour operator to pick you up. Most of the tours offer guides that will show you everything there is to see.La Fortuna costa rica advneture costa rica travel vacation in costa rica La Fortuna Travel Trough The Canopy Layer Of The Forest Of Costa Rica With Skytrek Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro You can actually spend your vacation anywhere in the world, however if you plan to travel to Central America, you probably want to search for a place that is not only enjoyable but famous as well for offering a great travel experience to visitors like you. One of the best counties that you can visit includes Costa Rica. Costa Rica has many different tours to offer and is particularly famous for its canopy tours. I’ve been living in this particular country for almost 6 years and have tried many canopy tours but only one has truly impressed me. It is by a company called Sky Trek and I would highly recommend it. But what is it that makes Sky Trek so good? For starters, they have 2 Theme Parks. One is located in Monteverde, where they offer sky tram, sky trek (canopy), sky walk (hanging bridges) and a serpentarium. The other one can be found in Arenal, where you will find a sky tram, sky trek, a butterfly garden, and a new exciting adventure, the sky trek night tour. My experience with these guys was great.canopy tour in Costa Rica tours in costa rica costa rica canopy costa rica travel canopy tour in Costa Rica Sport Fishing For The First Time In Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro A friend of mine as well as her husband own Tropic Fins Adventures in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica, one day they invited us to join them on an exciting In-shore fishing trip during an afternoon. I was a bit nervous since I’m not a fisherman and my husband had about as much experience as I did. But we accepted the challenge and it was great! Now, Cory was our captain and guide for this adventure, he has over 15 years of fishing experience and has taken out professional fishermen and showed them the best times of their lives. Yet I feel his job is a lot easier when he’s out with fellow fishermen, rather newbies such as us. Anyway he made our first fishing experience so fun, that my husband is already making plans for another one. Our in shore adventure started with a 20 minute boat ride to the middle of Golfo Dulce. Once we anchored the boat Cory was kind enough to prepare all the rods. And oh my god! When the first bite happened, the adrenaline that started to flow through us was hard to describe.Puerto Jimenez puerto jimenez fishing fishing vacations costa rica travel Puerto Jimenez A List Of My Favorite Sites Filled With Information For Expats In Costa Rica Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro If you enjoy traveling around the world and you want to get access to as much information about the place that you want to go to, you can easily get access to as much information about the destination itself online. There are various sites which cater to information about the sights and other things to do in that particular destination, or you can get access to various tips that will help you as you plan to go to that specific place. Thus, if you plan to travel across Central America, you will find a lot of places to go to, and one of the best that I recommend is visiting Costa Rica. Since I live in Costa Rica I have received many emails from different people who are interested in Costa Rica, want to move to Costa Rica or just have general questions about expat living in Costa Rica. So I decided to help you in your queries or decision makings by listing out some major topics. Before moving to this beautiful country I started reading the English newspaper "Tico Times" online.expatriate living expat living in costa rica international living living overseas expatriate living Where To Stay When You Visit San Jose Costa Rica Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro Are you interested in traveling across Central America? Probably you are searching for the best country where you can go on a trip either with your special someone or friends and family. One of the best countries you can visit here is Costa Rica. You can as well go and visit San Jose where you can find a lot of things to do and enjoy during your stay. I used to think of San Jose as a stop over after you fly into the international airport and move on to your next destination. But I discovered it is so much more. Many travelers like to make this their home base for day trips to some of the country’s most popular attractions: Volcano Poas and Irazu, coffee plantation tours, nature parks and a lot more. This is a pulsating cultural capital of Costa Rica that is full of museums, theaters, delicious international restaurants. Whenever I visit San Jose I like to stay in Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Inn. The hotel offers two luxurious master suites and eleven spacious and well decorated junior suites.san jose costa rica tours san jose costa rica costa rica travel costa rica vacation san jose costa rica My Favorite Hotels In Arenal, Costa Rica Posted By: Marina K. Villatoro Ever been to Costa Rica? Here are a few things to why I consider this as a perfect place to spend your spend your vacation at. Arenal is my favorite Costa Rican region for family vacations, which is why whenever I come to this area I try to stay in a different hotel, just because I want to see new things. Here are 3 hotels I loved in Arenal: El Silencio del Campo This is a beautiful hotel overlooking the Arenal Volcano that consists of a series of cabins spread out along beautiful gardens. The cabins are spacious and private making it the perfect destination for family vacations and honeymoons. But this hotel’s best feature is the on site hot springs. What could be better than going to naturally heated hot springs without having to leave the hotel? My experience in this beautiful place was great. The staff is very helpful and friendly. The restaurant has a good ambiance and the food is very tasty. The room’s decoration is inviting and warm. It also has amazing views of the Arenal Volcano. Hotel and Resort Arenal Paraiso Arenal’s main attraction is the active and beautiful Arenal Volcano.arenal arenal costa rica costa rica travel costa rica vacation arenal 相关的主题文章: