Is what I am doing now moving me closer towards my goals 跳河救宠物狗溺亡 骑车忘锁欠两千万

Entrepreneurialism Most entrepreneurs try to bite off a little more than they can chew hoping theyll quickly learn how to chew it. They take on the multiple tasks of not only marketing and running the business and dealing with customers, but operating and maintaining the machine as well. They find it hard to let go and release control, and in this way, hinder the evolution and growth of their enterprise. Successful entrepreneurs understand that unless they learn how to let go of the mundane tasks, their business will not grow. They know how to leverage the efforts of their teams and the knowledge of the people around them. By building business systems that can be operated by the team and having procedures, policies and check lists to support the management system, winning entrepreneurs enjoy total freedom, wealth creation and a lifestyle to boot. Being the finder, minder and grinder in your business is an exhausting and emotionally draining exercise. Decide first why your business exists, identify your goals and then design your role to suit your business purpose. If you go against the flow and decide to be the grinder then you are only doings things as they come without direction or purpose. You are a human doing as oppose to human being. In other words you are replaceable. Should you opt to being the minder then you are a manager not entrepreneur. You manage and direct the grinders in your business and your existence depends on having grinders in your business to manage. The best possible position for an entrepreneur is at the top of the pyramid. Being the finder means that you do not do real work in the business but ensure that all strategies of the business are aligned are being implemented the minders and executed by the finders. You rely on your internal network of people to realize all initiatives, projects and orders created by your extensive network of contacts who you spend most the time in their company dining a=wining and playing golf. Ask yourself; Am I building an enterprise or a job? Is what I am doing now moving me closer towards my goals? If not, then it is moving you away from your goals of enterprise building. Stop being the finder, minder and grinder in your business. Leverage other peoples time in the operation of your business. But, you may say, my business is me..! I am it..! I do not have a team! In this case, you must establish a virtual team of independent contractors who can help look after the core of your business such as: -Bookkeeper -Accountant -Marketing Copywriter & Product/Service Manager -Graphic Designer, Photographer -Personal Assistant -Webmaster and Online Shopping Cart Manager -Special Projects Manager -Google Ad words and SEO Specialist Clients tells us that one of the biggest differences we made in their business was helping them build their team or "virtual team" which allowed them to enjoy a better life with great freedom while working strategically on the vision and future of their businesses! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: