Pets Does your dog bark constantly 男子开顺风车出事

Pets Does your dog bark constantly? It can be a real nuisance if you can’t get him to stop. What choices are there in stopping a dog from barking? Dog obedience training is one option that will stop the barking and transform your pet into an easy-to-love companion. Or, to do it yourself you can try exercising your dog and using up energy so he’ll stop barking so much. Exhausted dogs will normally bark a lot less because they are too tired. If your dog senses something and wants you to know he may bark. If you think that’s why he’s barking, petting him may work in stopping a dog from barking. If the barking keeps up, have your dog sit or lay down. If that stops the barking, reinforce the good behavior with goodies or affection. It would be tough for your dog to eat and bark at the same time, so treats can be very helpful. Have you ever heard a dog barking with food in his mouth? Your dog will be totally focused on the reward and forget about barking! If the traditional methods dont seem to be working it may be time to try a barking control collar. Many of these work by using sound so that the desired behavior, (in this case stopping barking), can be associated with the sound. And then there are shock collars, too, but some people worry if they actually hurt the dog. There are two types of bark detection used in Bark control collars. The sound collar uses the noise of your dog’s bark to activate and the vibration collar uses the vibrations from your dog’s throat. Neither type is perfect. Both types of collars can be activated by mistake under the right circumstances, which could confuse your dog. So now they make dual collars that use both types of detection and even have protection against false activation. No matter what you do in stopping a dog from barking, if you are committed to it you can do it and you and your dog will both be happy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: