Explore Jan Mayen, The Northernmost Living Volcano 山东现天价蛐蛐 解放军吉布提训练

UnCategorized Jan Mayen is a small island located near Norway and Greenland, with shores washed over by the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean. The scenery on this volcanic island is quite desolated as there is almost nothing here to see; however, this very nature of the island is what attracts explorers. The name of the island was given by a Dutch ship captain that traveled here while hunting for whales. This was happening around the beginning of the 17th century and was when the first time the island was mentioned. Norway claimed sovereignty over this island in 1929. The volcano on this island is still active and it is the northernmost of its kind in the world. The weather here can be quite unforgiving, and many storms wash over its surface. Fog is also present almost all the time. The island itself has little to give since there are no natural resources to exploit here. The only activity on Jan Mayen is carried on by the radio and meteorological stations located here. The surface of the island is covered in glaciers, but no people actually live here. The radio and meteorological stations are serviced only by a rotating crew. It is only natural to imagine that you will find no shops, restaurants or any type of accommodation on this island since no one inhabits the place. You can reach this strange place by boat, but you will need to get permission from the station commander in order to land here. However, the island is an ideal place to watch the whales or to do a little bird watching. The island is composed of two parts, one called Nord-Jan and the other Sor-Jan. The parts are separated by an isthmus where you can spot the lakes existing on the island, which are called Nordlaguna and Sorlaguna. Once you set foot on Jan Mayen, you will barely see another living thing, humans included. Do not expect any welcome as no one really comes here for tourism. The place is only explored by the most adventurous people that want to see an island with an active volcano. During the summer, the place may get a little livelier since the staff servicing the stations gets larger. You will find no attractions here but, if you want to watch the local wildlife, you will get the chance to see some polar bears and polar foxes. You can also reach the island by plane as there is an airstrip here. However, you need to do so by hiring a private plane, as there are no commercial flights coming through here. You can also dock on an anchorage if you travel here by boat. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: