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Software The FileMaker Platform comes up with a number of user-friendly ways that help the users in providing various solutions. The list of added advantages that it offers, starts with Excel Data. The users can drag as well as drop the data in the FileMaker solution. Users can also view the Getting Started tours that are available in the FileMaker Pro along with FileMaker Go. This will provide an extensive overview of the way the products operate. FM also comes up with various highly useful tools that include Resource Center as well as a range of inbuilt Starter solutions for quickly creating different customized solutions that can satisfy the specific business needs of the clients. Users can drag and drop the excel Spreadsheets for importing data from the Excel into FileMaker Pro instantaneously from Quick Start Screen. They can even save the data back into a typical Excel Sheet and send it via email to others in hardly any time. Besides, users can import various data types as well and they include Tab, CSV, or XML and merge them into a definite database. In fact, there are as many as 16 Starter Solutions which are ready-to-use and come up with FileMaker Pro by default, for giving the solution an utterly professional look. Contracts, assets, CMS along with Invoices Starter Solutions provide a fresh as well as innovative look, especially in the version 13 of FM. Features also include scanning bar codes, propovers, as well as slide controls. The previous version of FM version 12 emphasized more on iOS clients. However, the new version 13 comes up with an advanced database solution builder that has expanded its reach with the help of FileMaker WebDirect. It is a database tool that helps the users in creating customized HTML 5, along with a wide variety of browser-based solutions. The earlier versions helped the web service providers offer various web based solutions with the use of PHP tools, that were specifically designed to help dealing with various data, viewing and using them for a wide range of purpose. All said and done, these were not rich as well as bi-directional solutions. This has changed with the introduction of the FileMaker WebDirect. Introduction of FM WebDirect now helps users to collate each and every customer requirement. Besides, it also ensures browser accessibility. The users, especially those who work on laptops, can drag any image into a particular field. This image can subsequently be pushed or forwarded to all the users. This has minimized the need of knowledge about PHP or JavaScript. Also, it has minimized the need of knowledge about writing CSS style sheet. In fact, the entire stuff is based on browser technology with no plug-ins as well as add-ons. The entire thing will operate in the definite browser. Initially, the version 13 of Filemaker is designed to support the desktop browsers, and this support later on will include mobility solutions of open FileMaker on non-Apple Tablets as well as phones. There are plans to extend the support to all varieties of devices that are used by the users. The newly developed iOS version of FileMaker comes up with upgraded as well as increased support for more number of iOS behaviors. These behaviours include popovers, gesture navigation, as well as slide controls. It can also understand and measure rotation and can adjust the layout for various aspects automatically. The database record takes the help of a special type of keypad that is specifically designed for entry of telephone numbers. Besides, users can also use iPad for scanning the bar codes and snap photos that they can later on include in the records. FileMaker also supports a huge variety of virtual keyboards, which is one of the most attractive features. Let us now in short discuss the value added features: Redesigned Layout and Report Assistant It creates various layouts as well as reports that are specifically optimized for iPads as well as iPhones. It comes up with predefined dimensions of screen, views, along with themes that make it easier when it comes to designing different types of iOS devices. Popovers This creates iOS-stylized popovers on devices like iPad, iPhone as well as desktop to collate fields, and links, along with other types of information, without the need of moving to any other windows or dimensions. Slide control It creates multiple-panel slide controls for managing images as well as other types of data in separate slide panels within the same layout. It also helps users to swipe for navigating between various panels on the FileMaker Go and click for moving between different panels in the FileMaker Pro. New sets of iOS keyboards It helps the users to choose one out of seven new keyboards for matching the type of data that one would like to collect. The new keyboard types include phone numbers, URL, email, and a lot more. Bar code scanner It helps the users to automatically scan bar codes with the help of iPads as well as iPhones with FileMaker Go. Users do not need to install plug-ins. They can access the scanned data from their laptops as well. You can hire developers from top filemaker database development companies in India who can help you for your requirements within allocated budgets and time schedules. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: