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  2-0 Lectra Guizhou Zhicheng, Beijing Guoan last night in defeating former coach Manzano team, coach Schmidt got two victories in appearance. After the match, 5 substitutes continue to practice in the presence. Reporters learned that, plus training because the national security team will be on 16 or 17 days 2 days off, all players will participate in the team’s core Zhang Xizhe wedding. Schmidt even conquered 2-0 Beijing fans defender "decryption" at the beginning of last weekend, Schmidt came in he led the Beijing Guoan beat the defending champions Guangzhou Evergrande last night, in the face of "old friends" Manzano, Schmidt once again offer a victory — regardless of spirit, also is the tactical level, national security is obviously prevailed. Most of the game, the ball rate close to 70%, Guoan starts crazy before closing down, Guizhou Zhicheng was difficult to pass through the first half. Interestingly, Schmidt scored 2-0 in the two straight game, and they lost their suspense before the second half of the game. For a time, Beijing fans again familiar, "". Tonight, the number of workers more than 35000 people in attendance.  : after the game, the national defense defense core Yu Yang to reporters analysis of Schmidt’s "secret": "before the show, Schmidt told everyone to fully implement the tactics, to have a strong executive power.". We were on the ball, to spell out the score 2-0." At a deeper level, the German Schmidt’s technical and tactical requirements, which can be said to be the players as "thirst": "before we are very dissatisfied with the results, everyone is eager to improve.". After the new coach came, we had new tactics, new goals, and now everyone’s mentality is very good, very united. Believe in the future, we will be more integrated into new tactics, the team will be more powerful." After the bench practice wedding guest team Zhang Xizhe A thing has its cause. interestingly, after the game, Cohim Guoan locker room came the cheers and laughter. After the departure of chairman Zhou Jinhui, 5 substitutes, including Song Boxuan, returned to practice on the pitch. They were substitutes for little or no playing tonight.  : under the leadership of the fitness coach, 5 players completed 6 sets of sprints from baseline to the opposite side, each 6 times. "The amount is OK, you see it, too.". In fact, before the game we say yes, did not play or did not play enough, after the game will practice. In fact, the morning has not added too much." Song Boxuan said profusely. Behind him, the other 4 trained more, because Song Boxuan was replaced 80 minutes, the longest playing time. It turned out that Schmidt decided to cancel the day after the resumption of training, to the national security players put 2 days off. The reason for the holiday was Zhang Xizhe’s wedding at the club’s core. As early as before the game, without the roster, the player’s training had been measured. After the game, the man who didn’t play enough time couldn’t get away with it". Reporters learned that Zhang Xizhe will be in Beijing on 16 th wedding, his relatives and friends in Wuhan have come to Beijing and watched the game. After the game, coach Schmidt also dedicated this victory to Zhang Xizhe and his wife. Even to the extent that,。
  2-0力克贵州智诚,昨晚北京中赫国安击败了前任主帅曼萨诺的球队,新帅施密特亮相中超拿到了两连胜。比赛结束后,5名替补球员在场内继续加练。记者得知,加练的原因是国安全队将在16、17日放2天假,所有球员将参加队中核心张稀哲的婚礼。 施密特连场2-0征服京城球迷 后防大将“解密” 上周末,初来中超的施密特率领北京中赫国安击退卫冕冠军广州恒大,昨晚面对“老朋友”曼萨诺,施密特再次奉献一场完胜——无论精神面貌,还是技战术层面,国安都明显占据了上风。比赛的大部分时间内,主队的控球率接近七成,国安球员从前场开始疯狂逼抢,贵州智诚一度难以将球传过半场。 有趣的是,施密特两连胜的比分都是2-0,比赛均在下半场过半之前失去了悬念。一时间,北京球迷又找回了“熟悉的工体”。今晚,工体的上座数超过了35000人。
  赛后,国安后防核心于洋向记者分析了施密特的“秘诀”:“出场之前,施密特告诉所有人要充分执行战术,要有很强的执行力。我们在场上每球必争,才拼出了2-0的比分。” 在更深的层面,德国人施密特的技战术要求,可谓是对志在作为的球员们“止了渴”:“之前我们对成绩很不满意,每个人都渴望提高。新教练来了以后,我们有了新的战术、新的目标,现在大伙儿的心态非常好,非常团结。相信未来,我们会更多融入新战术,球队会更强大。” 赛后替补加练事出有因 张稀哲大婚全队座上宾 有趣的是,比赛结束之后,中赫国安队的更衣室内传出了一阵阵欢呼和笑声。董事长周金辉离开后,包括宋博轩在内的5名替补球员重新返回球场加练,他们都是今晚上场时间不多或者没出场的替补球员。
  在体能教练的带领下,5名球员完成了6组从底线到对方禁区的冲刺折返跑,每6趟一组。“量还可以吧,你也看见了。其实比赛前我们就说好了,没上场或者没踢够的,比赛后会加练。其实上午没报名的就已经加过量了。”宋博轩满头大汗地说。在他的身后,其他4人的训练量更大,因为宋博轩80分钟被换上,上场时间最长。 原来,施密特决定取消赛后次日的恢复训练,给国安球员放2天假。放假的原因,是队内核心张稀哲的婚礼。早在比赛之前,没进入名单球员的训练已经上了量。赛后,没踢够时间的人也逃不过“上量”。 记者了解到,张稀哲将在16日在北京举行婚礼,他在武汉的亲朋已来到北京并观看了本场比赛。赛后,主帅施密特也把这场胜利献给张稀哲和他的太太。甚至,曾执教过张稀哲的曼萨诺也笑着送上祝福:“今天我批评了一个队员,就是张稀哲,他没有邀请我去参加他的婚礼,因为他没经过我的允许就私自结婚了。我给他送去了祝福,他是我在中国最亲密的人之一。相关的主题文章: