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2 year old girl with 10 Fen to go shopping alone around by the police found two year old little girl walking on the street alone, beside and accompanied by an adult, heavy traffic is very dangerous. In October 5th, Xiangcheng Public Security Bureau at the police station after the alarm, rushed to the scene to find the little girl, and after nearly an hour of searching, finally put the girl to her mother’s arms. The morning of October 5th at 11 pm, police received a public warning, found a little girl about two or three years old alone wandering around the street in Xiangcheng Jinfeng Road Kuicun dragon road, very dangerous. Police on duty rushed to the scene to find the little girl, the little girl is very cute, but also very calm, don’t cry, but the face of police interrogation, is without a squeak. How to find the girl’s family? The family also has an alarm, but the police with the PUC command center, has not received the parents reported lost little girl alarm. After visiting the surrounding masses that the little girl appeared in the vicinity of the timber market. This right, the police took the little girl’s hand, all the way to the timber market direction, the little girl is very fit to the police uncle to lead the way, this walk nearly two kilometers to the timber market near the little girl will not lead the way, it seems, the little girl is looking for home. The police began to visit in the timber market area, after half an hour of inquiry, and finally found the girl’s mother Wei, 44 years old, Guizhou Province, in Zhangzhou migrant workers. The little girl nicknamed Xiao Qin, two years, Zhang arrived soon, not only speak Mandarin, old words. It is understood that the small piano in the morning from home to take 10 Fen said to go shopping, to the wood market, a grocery store to buy things, the boss told the 10 Fen can not buy things left. I did not expect the little girl did not go home, but wandering around, go to the dangerous road, but also to their own lost, thanks to enthusiastic people to help the police and the police, Xiaoqin had to go home safely. (Zheng Lehe)相关的主题文章: