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Small Business I took a course from John Di Lemme on the 17 MLM Prospecting Keys, Id like to share with you what he says. The first is Make Prospecting a Habit. That being constantly watching peoples behavior, whos a hustler and getting things done, no matter if you are at a KFC. A go-getter is a go-getter. Next Di Lemme shares that you need to have a prospecting journal. Write down the people you spoke to, what you did, how many people, pretty much your daily activity. Then get yourself an International Champion Recruiter Card. This is a business card that has your name, and ONE phone number that goes to a voicemail. Thats it. Nothing elaborate, no website, or email address. Then leave this message for the voicemail: Hello, youve reached the International office of (your name) International Recruiting Corp. I am searching North, South, East, West for Multi-Millionaire Champions. You may be the next one. Leave your name and number clearly twice, so I may return your phone call within 24-48 hours. And as it states I am recruiting champions to build a multi-million dollar business. I look forward to speaking with you in 24-48 hours. Have your self the best Championship Day Ever. Master Cell Phone Techniques. When you are out and about, like at a Starbucks or at Bookstores. You want to talk as loudly as you can in front of as many people as you can and have a pretend conversation with John Di Lemme Hi John, its Jasmin. I have been searching here in Atlanta for someone who wants to be.e a millionaire, and I just cant find anyone. I have been searching all day longok, okIll give it another hour John. Ok buh bye. And you put the phone down. You are going to catch eye contact with someone, and thats the someone you begin to talk to. Or someone will approach you and as you more information about your phone conversation. Ask Quick Questions. When someone approaches you for conversation, or that person you caught eye contact with begin to speak, as them May I ask you a question? Does what I just said on the phone interest you? Then tell them I am an International Champion Recruiter, and I am looking for champions to make a six or seven figure in.e Hand them your International Champion Recruiter Card. Identify 14 Slave Camp Areas. Slave camps are places where people who hold J.O.B.S hang out. Like Star Bucks, Duncan Donuts, Panera Bread, etcetera. and do your cell phone trick. Expose Your Business. Look in Newspapers, Business Chronicles, for up.ing seminars and meetings. Any place where you can network and give out your business card and expose you as well as your business. Accumulate Business Cards. While you are out, pick up random business cards, like ten or more a day, and leave some of your sizzle cards in several places. Call the people whos cards youve picked up Hey Mike, my name is Jasmin Anderson. I picked up your business card at the Office Depot. I am an International Champion Recruiter Build a business relationship with people. Alter Your Buying Habits. Switch things up a bit. Get out of your routine and meet some new people. If that means changing dry cleaners, then so be it. This is about developing new relationships. Join 3 Health Clubs. You will be in better health, better shape, and you will develop three different sets of relationships. Prospect High-End Sales People. John Di Lemme re.mends test driving ten different cars that cost over $60,000. Talk to the salesman, explain what you do, and how you are going to buy that car cash. Give them your International Champion Recruiter Card. Furniture sale people as great as well. Create a Team Name and T-Shirts. Give your team a name like the Enforcers, or Motivators, what ever you like, and get some t-shirts made up and have a fun day prospecting at the mall. A group of 15 or more people all wearing the same kind of t-shirt is bound to turn heads, and cause some attention. Develop a Prospecting Route. Choose 30 businesses, speak with the managers and exchange business cards with the sizzle line to your business. Go back to 3 different businesses everyday. Start Free Home-Based Business Seminars. Its important to point out that this is meant to be a general seminar and not a pitch for your business. In these seminars you would simply talk about the benefits of having your own business, and the tax write offs. Power of Visualization. Close your eyes and visualize all the things you want, and need to dobe.ing that International Champion Recruiter. Visualize your future. If you cant see yourself being what you desire, actually doing it, you wont be able to. Role Play What Works. Out of everything weve discussed, just pick 3 or 4 things, and whatever works, do it again. Know Your Why. Make sure your WHY is Looongand has absolutely nothing to do with you. My why is to build wealth for my childrens children, to break the cycle of poverty. Know your reason why you are doing your business! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: