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10 winds hit Xinjiang, Mayer wind zone 39 stranded passengers were trapped in the transfer – zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in October 30, Emin (Li Xiaohua) 29 night, Xinjiang Mayer ventas area was 10 gale wind attack induced via national highway 3015 and highway 201 line Maj Tas Road 39 passengers and 19 vehicles trapped. Tacheng Highway Administration Bureau Emin emergency support personnel to rescue more than 8 hours, from 30 pm to 6 of all personnel and vehicles transferred to safe areas, no one is left. To participate in the rescue of the Xinjiang Tacheng Highway Administration Bureau of emergency security personnel Emin Alimjan? Put up my emergency support staff said that in November 5th the Emin Road branch entered Maj Tas emergency support base and the guarantee, the winter snow removal work to pat the curtain. In October 26, 27 days, under the snow mountain, Mayer, because the road is warm, the snow melted into water rapidly condenses into ice, many sections of wind zone appeared "armor" phenomenon. Snow ice and snow removing machinery on the road in addition to the smooth flow of emergency support personnel open for emergency support base in Maj Tas. 29 PM, Maj Tas wind wind in the East, 21 am, the patrol car on the road, east to 8, 9, 10 more than the instantaneous wind, the wind blows snow ground, flying all over the sky, poor visibility, many vehicles lag trapped in the wind zone, some car down the road. Emin Road branch quickly dispatched a command vehicle, two vehicles and a snowplow base for emergency rescue, a bus, a snowplow wheel push on the road, at 22:10 PM rescue, snow removal, cleaning up the snow on the road trip, emergency support staff jumped into the snow to lag trapped vehicle hanging rope round, push pull lag trapped in the 3015 state line road, Maj Tas road more than and 10 trucks, 30, 4:30 pm, 29 people trapped on the road and lag 16 car out to rescue. Adjacent to the highway 201 line Maj Tas road lag trapped in 10 people and 3 vehicles, at 6 pm to rescue all to safety. As of press time, emergency security personnel are still on the road to remove snow and ice. Tacheng Highway Administration Bureau reminder: Emin wind into the area, slow down. In the wind area encountered snow resistance or "blind" phenomenon, not to seize the road, do not get off the car parked on the roadside, waiting for snow removing machinery to clear the road or rescue. Maj Tas wind area is located in Tacheng Emin County, is a world famous scenic area, the winter here frequently above 8 winds hit, and with the wind blowing snow, vehicles and personnel retention occurred. (end)相关的主题文章: