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10 signal – Sohu maternal zinc zinc deficiency in children and children is essential to the development of an important micronutrient. Once the child zinc deficiency, it will affect the normal growth of long, and even the emergence of disease. Then the zinc on children’s growth and what role, what are the signal of zinc deficiency in children? 5 Effect of zinc on the growth and development of children 1, zinc is involved in the synthesis and activity of carbonic anhydrase in children, DNA and RNA polymerases and many other enzymes play, and also inseparable synthesis of many nucleic acid and protein. If children’s zinc supply is sufficient, cystine, methionine, glutathione, endocrine hormones and other synthetic metabolism can be normal. Thus, zinc can maintain the metabolism and bone metabolism in children with central nervous system, to safeguard and promote children’s physical (such as height, weight, head circumference and chest circumference) growth and brain development, sexual development and sexual maturity were normal. 2, zinc can help children maintain normal taste, smell, promote children’s appetite. This is because the maintenance of taste taste pigment is a kind of zinc containing protein, combined with it to taste and flavor substances and the taste buds differentiation was promoted. Once the zinc deficiency, children will appear abnormal taste, affect the appetite, resulting in poor digestive function. 3, improve children’s immune function, enhance children’s resistance to disease. Zinc is a trace element for the most obvious immune immune organs, except directly promote children’s thymus and lymph nodes, the development function, have the ability to direct against some bacteria and viruses, thus reducing the chance of disease in children. 4, to participate in the metabolism of vitamin A in children and maintain normal physiological function, to maintain normal dark adaptation ability and improve eyesight has a good effect. 5, zinc also protect the normal development of skin and mucous membrane, can promote the healing of wounds and ulcers, to prevent hair loss and rough skin, epithelial keratosis. The 1 appetite 10 signals in children zinc deficiency decline: anorexia, picky eaters, antifeedant, generally reduced food intake, the child is not feeling hungry, do not take the initiative to eat. 2 eat strange things. For example: nail biting, clothing, toys, food, eating hard hair, confetti, rice, ash, clay, sand and other wall; 3 slow growth, low height than the age group of 3 – 6 cm, weight 2 kg, 3; 4 with low immunity, often catch a cold have a fever, recurrent respiratory tract infections such as: tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, sweating, sleep sweating; 5 finger nails appear white, long barb, map tongue (tongue surface with irregular red and white graphics) 6 slow response, hyperactivity, inattention, poor learning ability 7 vision: vision loss, night vision difficulties, easily lead to myopia and hyperopia and astigmatism; 8 skin lesions: trauma, wound healing is not easy; prone to eczema dermatitis refractory; 9 of the adolescent growth retardation, such as: Male genital of testis and penis is too small, low testosterone, sexual dysfunction; breast development and female menstrual cramps late; men and women are late pubic hair; 10 mouth.相关的主题文章: